Pluto through the Houses

I will be teaching a summer webinar course called Pluto through the Houses beginning July 18th for 8 weeks and am very excited about it. If you are interested in registering, please contact me at or 412-897-0809. Thank you!


What you will learn:
• The meaning of the twelve houses of the chart
• Definitions of the zodiac signs associated with each house
• The significance of Pluto in each house

This course will help you understand the essence of Pluto, the core principle and element of evolutionary astrology, and the energies of the zodiac signs. It will also give you a foundation from which to build future interpretations of charts.

This course is for:
• Beginner level astrology students seeking to understand the fundamentals of evolutionary astrology
• Anyone who wants to learn how to analyze the chart according to the evolutionary paradigm
• Healers of all kinds who want to use astrology for healing and spiritual purposes in their practice

This course is possible for you even if you do not understand other basics of astrology such as the planets and aspects.

As a student, you will receive
• 8 video class recordings of each of the webinars (1 hour in length)
• PDF Workbook

Webinar details will be sent to you after registration is completed.


Full Moon in Libra ~ Chiron in Aries Transit

Hope the Full Moon in Libra yesterday helped initiate a level of balance for you ~ I wrote an article in the Career Astrologer’s Spring Equinox edition titled ‘Tapping into the Libra Polarity’ during Chiron’s transit through Aries, which begins April 17th and continues for eight years. During this time, making efforts to establish balance and harmony will be incredibly important. I think it will be helpful to reflect on the upcoming transit during this Full Moon on how we can invite more cooperation, fairness and gentleness into our lives 

Find the article on page 4 at:

Mars & Earth

Beginning now until end of April, an interplay between fire and earth elements tests us on many levels. Mercury begins its retrograde in Aries, ruled by Mars, on the 23rd until Apr 16 and Uranus covers the last couple of degrees of Aries before it enters Taurus in May. We also have the Sun in Aries, the north node continuing in Leo (fire), Jupiter continuing in Scorpio (traditional ruler Mars) and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (earth). Aries is an aggressive, instinct-driven energy and is closely connected to the physical body. Our thinking (Mercury) is aligning with Aries energy and the retrograde transit will encourage us to deeply reflect on where we are out of alignment with our instinctual natures. Observing where one’s intuition and gut instincts are repressed during the retrograde will indicate where peace and harmony need to be integrated.

            Take advantage of this retrograde period to move in a healing direction particularly as a prevention measure because April becomes increasingly intense (and possibly ugly) with Mars also drilling in Capricorn now until May 17th. Aries (fire) and Capricorn (earth) are ringoffirewMarsenergies that don’t easily merge or work well together and without consistent intentional effort towards positive productivity, they just get scattered and frustrated. Mars’ hot-tempered nature doesn’t exactly provide warning as to what it wants but its’ severing energy wants to in fact break apart the existing structures (Capricorn) and systems in our lives. How any structure has suppressed the inner nature will be revealed during the retrograde resulting in feelings that want to scream out and express themselves. Essentially, Mars throws tantrums because it wants to be human again and anything that blocks the expression of that humanness will be blasted apart.

            Energy expresses itself positively or negatively. Negative manifestations of Mars include violence, rage or illness such as headaches. Capricorn rules bones so watch for aggravations of arthritis, bone diseases and inflammation especially if you are already prone. April 1 -3 brings a culmination point with a Mars and Saturn conjunction so make extra efforts to meditate or go for a run. Venus’ transit through Taurus in April also emphasizes the earth and survival but brings a more supportive influence to the hyper energy.

Mars whirls in another layer of energy April 17th, with a New Moon in Aries and Chiron moving into Aries for the next eight years. If you haven’t had enough of Mars yet, stay tuned.